Welcome to the Courtney Barnett live music archive!

This website brings together videos, photos, audio, artwork, set lists and other pieces from live performances throughout Courtney’s career. This site will be forever evolving as archival content is found and added to the page, or as people upload and send photos and videos they’ve captured and would like to share.

Head to the home page to explore all of the different bits and pieces that have been collected over the years.
Some specifically selected pieces that may not have been seen before, or are so great that they’re worth checking out.
A history of every single show that Courtney has ever played - organised by album or by date. Any content captured at a show will be listed under that specific date.
Upload photos, videos, audio and other pieces that you’ve captured from Courtney’s live performances. All submissions will go through an approval process before being showcased on the site.

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